Alan Maciag

Alan Maciag's rural landscapes are a balance between form, distance, color and content. This balance creates a sense of calm and bucolic reverence for the rural heritage of Michigan, for the wonderland of it's vacation lakes, or for the sanctuary within a garden or public space. It is as though you have been given a gift - to simply "step in" for a moment and be surrounded by the spirit captured on that canvas.

“Plein air painters paint from life with a passion like no other in the world of painters. By placing myself among these magnificent gifts of light and nature, my visions are propelled from my head to my hand to my canvas,” writes Maciag.

A Clear Day

Long Shadows

Summer Kitchen

River’s Bend

Country Wheat

The Golden Hour

Cohoon’s Elevator

Wave of Lavender

Beehives Delivered

Last of the Sunflowers

A Look Across

Behind the Fence

Island Houses

Fenced Yards

Near the Corner

The Pumpkin House

Sun Up

Winter’s Light

Evergreen Shadows

Summer Shadows