Candace Compton Pappas

Pappas works at home in Michigan, in a studio with beautiful views of the woods and changing light. She is influenced by the landscape, as well as the quiet and space that surrounds her in her studio and home. Pappas paints what is close to her; the teaming life, beautiful decay, and continual transformation she observes on her walks in the woods. Her dogs. The birds and critters that come and go, land and take flight. People she knows. Herself  - always attempting to challenge any boundaries that exist between us all.

Her imagery includes; chairs, altars, and vessels often representing a centered space, singular and settled. Birds demonstrate flight and return, character and persistence. Figures enter, sit and leave spaces. Spheres, circles, suggest time, and timelessness.
Pappas works with earthy textured materials – cement, solid and disintegrating, soil, sand, wax; creating grounds that question permanence and hold light. The search for home, both literally in her surroundings, and metaphorically in herself has been the constant theme underlying her work.

Bird and Dancing Shadow on Sphere

Dancing Bird on Sphere

Bird Dog

Home and Flight

Blackbird on Bowl