Carol Imes-Luscombe & Katherine Kain

As longtime master printmakers working in monotype this pair of artists wanted a chance to collaboratively explore local plant life around Lake Erie. The evolution of the imagery in these works becomes progressively more colorful and dense as they explore the process. The gathering of the material and using it in the studio is experimental, messy and the results are an unexpected

combination of ink, pressure, plants and chance. These pieces reflect impressions of local flora and suggest the wild wetland past of south western Lake Erie.

Strawberry Moon 2

Strawberry Moon 1

Strawberry Moon 8

August Rendezvous 6

Strawberry Moon 4

Strawberry Moon 9

August Rendezvous 5

December Suite 11

December Suite 12

Catawba Suite 2

Catawba Suite 20

Catawba Suite 10 A & B (Diptych)