David Herzig

David Herzig is an American painter and printmaker. Creatively active for four decades having earned his B.F.A. from Studio Angelico, at Siena Heights College, he is also well versed as a ceramic sculptor and calligrapher. Herzig is self taught in the area of watercolor and is widely considered a master of the medium. Best known for his bold rendering of flowers often executed on a grand scale, his approach is always focused on capturing the subject in it’s natural setting while emphasizing each species in portrait like fashion. David has exhibited work at the Springfield Art Museum in Springfield, MO

as part of Watercolor USA, one of the most prestigious venues in the country for watercolor artists. In addition, his work is frequently seen in the Midyear exhibitions at the Butler Institute of American Art, a highly regarded painting venue and his work has been collected by such repositories as the Hunt Institute for Botanical Illustration, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, PA. Because of the time involved in their creation and the ephemeral nature of his subjects, Herzig’s work remain limited. Year after year, the artist’s work holds its value and steadily appreciates.

Purple and White Tulips

Red Tulips

Study for Aquatic Portrait

Red Poppy