Jaye Bumbaugh

Bumbaugh has always liked the challenge of working in a diversity of media, methods, and scale.  There have been clear connections among even the most disparate of works.  What has remained for Bumbaugh is the pleasure in the material qualities of paint, ink, wax, clay, linoleum, charcoal, pastel, watercolor.  Bumbaugh loves to create. Imagination is the most important part of creating…to examine, to explain to yourself the vitality and excitement of all and everything you see and think.

Imagination has preceded knowledge in just about everything and is the extraordinary ingredient in solving the artists’ problems.  To Bumbaugh, imagination is his most precious possession.  Without it he is lost as an artist.

Magical Forest

Night Voyage


Winter Light

Woods and Crows

Night Owl

Tall Crow

8 Crows in Tree