Justin Kellner

"While utilizing the landscape's natural forms and textures, I draw upon visual cues from past encounters to achieve a balance between realism and abstraction. My intent is to evoke memories and the sense of a place and time while portraying the interrupted cycles existing throughout the natural world's various ecosystems. The paintings give an impression of the natural areas I've explored, while informing the viewer about their environmental fragility.

Very sensitive to their environments, birds are often a good indicator of the health of a particular ecosystem. In my paintings, I combine aggressive abstract brushstrokes and textures with realistically rendered birds to create spaces that give the impression of erosion, change and isolation”. Justin Kellner holds a BFA from Central Michigan University and a MFA from Kendall College of Art and Design.

Willing to Wait (Kentucky Warbler)

Where the Water Rises (Prothonotary Warbler)

Travel to the Vermillion River (Yellow-throated Warbler)

Seen Together (Blue-winged Warbler, Golden-winged Warbler)

Prairie Warbler

Michigan Calls (Kirtland’s Warbler)

From a Distance (Blackpoll Warbler)

Feel the Sun (Blackburnian Warbler)

Black-throated Blue Warbler


Even as it Warms (Chestnut-sided Warbler)

Choose Where to Look (Cape-may Warbler)

Slipping Away (Ruby-crowned Kinglet)

Wish I Could Remember (Pine Warbler)

Adding a New Perspective (Northern Waterthrush)

Try Going Forward (Scarlet Tanager)

The Other Left Yesterday Morning (Magnolia Warbler)

Find the Differences (American Redstart)

Differentiating the Sounds (Louisiana Waterthrush)

Before it Leaves (Blackburnian Warbler)

All I Can See (Cape May Warbler)

To Get Away (Kirtland’s Warbler)

There was a Time (Common Yellowthroat)

A Long Way, for a Short Period of Time (Red-breasted Nuthatch)

The One You Can Count On (Black-capped Chickadee)