Kay Weprin

Kay Weprin is an active artist based in Toledo, Ohio with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters of Art Education degrees from the University of Toledo. Working in oil pastel, mixed-media, and handmade paper the artist is in an environment rich in exploration.

Her world travels inspires her to use expressionistic, bold and gestural strokes of color, combined with layers of abstraction. While the style is distinct, she is always developing; usually working through ideas in series, seeking objects or landscapes as visual clues or stepping stones into her work. Weprin’s award winning work is in many corporate and private collections.

Wishes Over Torii

Rooftop Dreams

Country Lane in the Old City

Cloud Settled on Fuji

Sultry Breeze

Stepping into Color

Floating Glass in Stone

Music in the Trees

River of the Yellow Tree

Buttercup Path