Shawn Messenger

Shawn Messenger's work has been greatly influenced by her love of nature and the wonders it has to offer. She has tried to incorporate her fondness for flowers and gardens with glass to create an impressionistic vision the landscape.  For Messenger, the flowers are small worlds filled with colors and shapes that produce incredible beauty. The glass murrinis in her work represent the flower.

These flowers together become a field of color floating between grasses and stones. This is much like a millefiore, a million flowers.  Her intention is to evoke a feeling of serenity and solitude, and homage to nature.  Messenger has received a BFA in Glass from the Cleveland Institute of Art along with a degree in glass from the Pilchuck Glass School.

Garden Series Vase, Turquoise Lime

Garden Series – Turquoise Lime

Forget Me Nots Cased Vase

Cherry Blossoms Cased Vase

Sunflowers Cased vase

Wildflowers Vessel

Garden Series Bowl (Y/R)

Garden Series Vase (T/L)

Garden Series Vase (Y/R)

Landscape Series- Cased Vase Ruby

Landscape Series- Cased Vase Blue

Landscape Series- Small Gazing Ball