Skot Horn

Making a conscious decision to pursue this creative, solitary, activity is a challenge constantly tested. There are daily obstacles to be hurtled before the pencil is finally allowed to touch paper or brush to canvas. Spontaneity is an important quality in Horn’s work that, ironically, he works hard to achieve. Over the years, Horn has discovered that his last piece of work has always been his best and harshest teacher. 

Allowing intuition to freely guide his hand has led to endless unexpected discoveries and personal insights. A wide variety of personal imagery consistently returns in Horn’s work. Some subjects are worked through and forgotten, only one day to reappear.
 Horn received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

The crowds of people, buildings, city streets, and the many life experiences that he had in the ten years that he lived in Chicago appear frequently in his work. Horn’s life and work in Toledo, though more reflective and contemplative, is always experimental. As the years accumulate, so do life experiences and the desire to create is a driving force that propels him, making marks along the way. 

Horn was born in Fremont, Ohio, a small Midwestern town and raised with three siblings. His earliest memories are of playing with simple wood blocks and watching watercolors flow freely from his brush. Channeling truth as innocently as the child Horn once was is a goal he strives for in his art.

Untitled #596

Untitled #597

Untitled #598

Untitled #407

Untitled #467

Untitled #476

Untitled #468

Untitled #461

Untitled #459

Untitled #458

Untitled #81

Cityscape with Figures in Yellow and Purple

Traffic Jam

A House of a Different Color

Windy City Figures

Cityscape Impression in Yellow, Black, and Gray

Cityscape with Purple Sky

Abstract Cityscape Impression with Figures

Cityscape Impression in Black and Red

Golden Hour

Cityscape with Bright Yellow Sky and Pink Building

Cityscape with Yellow Sky and Figure in Green

Cityscape with Terra Cotta and Orange Buildings

Boarding House with Red and Purple Sky

Boarding House with Dark Blue and Red Sky