Susan Morosky

Morosky's abstract expressionist painting takes its creative impulse from the evolving natural environment. Frequently with an up-close perspective, her paintings develop from an abstract vocabulary inspired by the properties of water, fields, and their boundaries. Within Morosky’s compositions are searches for the essence of nature’s spontaneous and underlying forces. She begins with a robust foundation of strokes and color. Morosky paints simply. Rather than using sketches, her compositions are worked out on the surface of the canvas with layers continuously being reformulated. Morosky moves the paint with wet, dry, and scraping strokes to punctuate her work

with evidence of an active candor. Ongoing experimentation remains fundamental to her creative approach. Diverse methods of applying materials and an integrated use of line and color are incorporated to varying degrees into her compositions. Every painting is a challenge to find that exciting tangle of marks, color, and movement. She finds it enormously satisfying when her painting fringes on the balance between chaos and order. The imperfect and the random that result in a distinctive sort of beauty. With each new painting, Morosky strives to develop greater clarity, understanding, and a deeper connection to her art, while allowing nature to inspire form.

Morning Bay II

Field Pond II