TAKE FLIGHT – virtual viewing room

Let your imagination take flight. Be inspired by the works of these seven gallery artists in this online exhibition. In response to the worldwide pandemic and in recognition of the incredible annual spring migration we have assembled a terrific exhibition of works related to our majestic, feathered and fragile friends.

“Ultimately though, there exists a soulful dimension to these denizens of the sky, a symbolic spiritual truth, for which science is not an adequate conduit. This other dimension, the mystery, is what moves me and that can only be approached subjectively. It takes an artist”.     – Ladislav Hanka

Ladislav Hanka, Yellow Throated Warbler

Ladislav Hanka, Nashville Warbler

Ladislav Hanka, Golden Winged Warbler

Ladislav Hanka, Tennessee Warbler

Ladislav Hanka, Palm Warbler

Ladislav Hanka, Myrtle Warbler

Ladislav Hanka, Cerulean Warbler

Ladislav Hanka, Black Throated Warbler

Ladislav Hanka, Connecticut Warbler

Ladislav Hanka, Blue-winged Warbler

Pam & Dale Simmons, Chickadee and Red Berries

Pam & Dale Simmons, Chickadee on Lidded Bomba

Pam & Dale Simmons, Heron Flattened Vase

Jane Goldman, Audubon July

Jane Goldman, Audubon September

Jane Goldman, Audubon Passenger Pigeon

Jane Goldman, Audubon

Jane Goldman, Audubon May

Jan Thomas, Bird – Untitled

Jan Thomas, Bird – Untitled

Jan Thomas, Bird – Untitled

Jan Thomas, Bird – Untitled

Jan Thomas, Bird – Untitled

Jan Thomas, Bird – Untitled

Jan Thomas, Bird – Untitled

Jan Thomas, Bird – Untitled

Justin Kellner, Keeping it Close (Black-throated Green Warbler)

Justin Kellner, To Get Away (Kirtland’s Warbler)

Justin Kellner, White-breasted Nuthatch

Steven Athanas, Birds: Sing for your Supper

Steven Athanas, Birds Eye View

Kristin Johnson, Snowy Owl II

Kristin Johnson, Snowy Owl I

Kristin Johnson, Lidded Bid Vessel

Kristin Johnson, Mimic White Double Bird

Kristin Johnson, Blackbird Pitcher

Kristin Johnson, Copper Bird Pitcher

Ladislav Hanka, Loon

Ladislav Hanka, Kingfisher

Ladislav Hanka, Wood Duck

Ladislav Hanka, Pintail

Ladislav Hanka, Shovelers

Ladislav Hanka, Blue-winged Teel

Ladislav Hanka, Ring-necked Duck

Ladislav Hanka, Marsh Wren