Angela Saxon


36w in


Acrylic on canvas

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About the Artist: Angela Saxon

The visual language of ‘landscape’ is one that we share: we all understand horizon, tree, water, air. As a perceptual painter Saxon translates what she sees into her personal dialect of ‘landscape’. Seeing familiar landscape elements through her eyes may change a viewers’ own perceptions – perhaps they see more than a tree. Saxon works on location, generating small paintings which form the basis for larger paintings done in studio.

Working in this way lets her capture the ever-changing landscape while outdoors and then to work meditatively and constructively in front of the canvas indoors. Saxon also regularly works from the figure which, in addition to fine tuning skills of looking and interpreting, provides her with an avenue to explore new ideas. Saxon has a BFA from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, and lives in Traverse City, Michigan.